Playverz serves as the portal for mainstream gamers to kickstart blockchain gaming and Esports.

Now, we are bringing to all gamers:

The largest Play-To-Earn mobile gaming platform
Gamers can easily access and play hundreds of games and compete to earn - all in one platform. They’ll get access to a rich catalogue of games with Esports engine.
Effortless P2E Game Discovery & Gameplay
Search and play games based on earnings, game mechanics, genres, reviews etc. Gamers can earn via casual games which takes a few minutes per gameplay or dive into play-to-earn games and get entertained for hours.
Data driven Gaming Experience
The world of P2E is rapidly expanding and we’re building a face for it. That means being able to identify all levels of Gamers on Playverz and drive flawless, personalized user interface that’s tailored to gamers interest, skill, location and NFT holdings. Players are matched with others of similar skills in our 1v1 Esports modes via Playverz's smart matching algorithm.
Community / Guild Discovery & Matching
Guilds are popping up everywhere but how do gamers know which suits them? Gamers can find and discover guilds and community on the Playverz platform. Playverz works with guilds to drive new member discovery and conversion.