Problems In The Market

We understand that it doesn't matter whether a game is on blockchain or on any other gaming engines. The problems game developers and gamers face are similar.

Casual Gamers

Gamers have similar needs and wants regardless of which technology a game is built on.
The barrier to entry for NFT-based games is that these games typically costs hundreds of dollars to purchase the NFT characters and items necessary just to get started. Once started gamers have to spend very long hours gaming to earn. On top of that, it is difficult for gamers to find a suitable game to play in the market. They typically have to go through hundreds of YouTube videos and discord channels to find a game that fits their skills and taste.
Gamers Value
Game Discovery
Mismatch Expectations
High barrier to entry

Casual Game Developer

The problem casual game developer face are:
  • High upfront development cost
  • Broken economics
  • Discovery
Monetization Issues Faced By Game Developers